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That was the end of that session and the following morning Ruth was eager to know if her friend would spill all, but she didn’t. It took a few days...before the full story was told and Ruth smiled to herself at how horny her friend was telling her about how she directed some girl from goodness knows where to do her bidding.Ruth showed great interest and over the next few months we repeated the experience many times. Ruth learned of Saras’ desires and she said to me one day that apparently. There are lots of it around as it was a nice Friday and lots of female flesh of all ages was on show. Some old wrinkly grannies, some MILFs, some 20-somethings and a lot of younger girls too. I had to turn over to hide my growing thick cock.As I did, I see a group of girls just behind me, giggling, and playing jokes with each other. I am not sure if they had seen my hard-on, but now I felt safe it was hidden from view. I did know that it was burrowing into my towel and into the sand, and with a. ’ I turned to her and smiled. She really was blossoming. Her eyes sparkled, and she looked older than she really was. Her smile was always ready, and I’d seen her spending a lot of her time with one of Cien’s soldiers. A younger soldier, but I still thought a trifle old for her. Maggie just shook her head when I brought my complaints to her. ‘That is the way of this time, Rose. Men choose their women young. Sometimes too young.’ Well I guess that summed it up, didn’t it? I moved gracefully. She continued to kiss his warm skin, slowly working her way downward, toward his straining erection. Rita took him in her hand again and held him while she lowered her head and flicked her tongue against the tip. Soft, feathery, teasing, little licks caused him to shudder. His hand still in her hair, Tim pushed her head down. He pushed himself into her hot mouth. Rita eagerly took him in. She swirled her tongue around him, licking and sucking. His fingers tightening in her hair, he pushed her.

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