" Libraries make me horny," said Lulu, running her hand down and between her legs."Let's go home then," suggested Kris."I haven't found what I'm looki...g for," she said."What ARE you looking for?" I'll know when I see it," she said. "Come stand behind me."He wondered what she was up to, but did as she asked. She pressed her butt back against the front of his pants and bent over to look at a lower shelf. The Sesame Street shirt fell forward and he knew that, if he bent over too, he could look up. She kept swallowing until she had sucked me dry. When we had recovered, Carly handed me a blanket and suggested that I sleep on the couch. She said she would be there in a few minutes to tuck me in. I went to the living room, pulled on my shorts and lay down on the couch. I was still too flushed to cover myself with the blanket. I turned off the table lamp but the television was still on. About ten minutes later Carly came out of the bedroom. She was still naked. The door had never been. She surreptitiously peaked out from her hiding place and tried to stuff the rest of her eclair back in the bag. She got it part-way into the bag before the door was fully open, and quickly ducked back beneath the desk, sitting back expectantly as her fiance entered his office.She heard Mark walking over to his desk from the door, and listened as he paused momentarily, likely because he noticed the half-eaten eclair sitting in the middle of his desk."Hmm," Mark said in an exaggerated voice. "I. He groaned his approval as she began to swirl her tongue under the bulbous ridge. With her hand still wrapped around him and stroking softly up and down its length, her tongue and mouth combining to lick and suck and with her other hand softly scratching his hanging balls it was little wonder that he felt his orgasm beginning to build. She continued applying her newly learned skills for a few moments more and then, as expected, she felt him beginning to jerk and contract signalling that he was.

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