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As we entered the theatre we noticed that the movie was in already in progress, and on the screen was a beautiful young women in the throes of a gang ...ang that she truly was enjoying. We made our way to a row of seats away from a few men sitting by themselves (no doubt masturbating to the young girl on the screen). We sat down and my wife commented that she was hammered and maybe we should leave as she was very groggy. Looking at her breasts and those thighs, I convinced her to stay by slowly. You are stunned, when it begins. Not confused of course, just stunned. Despite what you thought, you are unprepared, but you recover your wits quickly enough. You don’t struggle, and you don’t fight. You aren’t looking for escape. This is what you came for.There is a flurry of movement. It is not possible to see everything that’s happening right now. There are many textures, too. You can identify them all – silk cord, nylon, manila, climbing rope. Next time you should bring your own. Some of. Er hat die Augen geschlossen, ich weiß nicht, ob er noch pennt, aber es ist mir auch egal jetzt. Er genießt auf jeden Fall, was ich mit ihm anstelle, wir sind ja beide noch breit und unser Druck muss ja schließlich auch mal raus! Mann, ich kann gar nicht genug von der Wichserei kriegen…. Jetzt keule ich mit der Linken mein eisenhartes Rohr, mit Rechts wichse ich Ewalds dicken Kolben. Dann spüre ich, wie mir der Vorsaft kommt und ich spritze meine Sahne direkt vor das Sofa, stöhne dabei auf und. “Wow you are really enjoying this she said.” "Well you have a big part in this too.” I replied. She then revealed her surprise. It was a pink satin pair of very sexy panties. Jan said “You need to dress completely in the role.” I was excited even more . She knelt and pulled my underwear down having me step out of them, then step into the panties. She grabbed my hard on and positioned it in panties. Her hand felt great as she took the opportunity to teased my erection We then worked on my new.

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