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The accidental fire at the inn was accepted as an accident, and their new Major-Captain, Sir Helmund, was a much stricter disciplinarian and had put a... end to many of the side businesses that the black-cloaks had been involved in. The Lord Coroner was said to be 'amused' by all of the recent past events and while he was apparently quite aware of my active participation, he didn't seem to bear me any specific malice.At least for now, the Blackguards were being rather thoroughly reined in and. It wasn't long till she ended up sitting on my face while we 69 and i was drowning in her pussy juice. She made her way off riding my face and asked me if i had a condom? I said no and she said just make sure u pull out and DO NOT CUM IN ME ! i agreed and i inserted my cock in side that tight wet pussy , her eyes rolled back and we started to kiss while i kept pounding her hard. I guess it was all these months of craving of wanting to fuck and finally i went wild and started pounded her like. I told her that by the time she is 14 she will have nice boobies and all the boys will want to see and touch them. Mom told me it feels really good to have them touched, like it did when I sucked on your nipples. She said my mom told me to stay away from boys. I said for now thats a good idea, but when we are older we can go out on dates. Now mom told me if you or me want to fuck a boy, we can bring them here and it will be safe. Alice, she screamed, I dont want to fuck a boy. I said remember. Her eyes dart from her parents to Alex to me and down to the floor. "That. Stupid. I fell." Even I know she's lying. Hell, even Alex can figure this one out.Her father comes over and takes a good look, "That's a bad bruise, baby. You should be more careful, ok?"She swallows hard, "Yes, Daddy."We all leave shortly thereafter. I tell Beth and geek boy to sit up front with me. In the rear view, I can see Alex is holding her but they're not talking. He catches my eye in the mirror. I've see that.

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