OMG Mom, What Are You Doing?! # India Summer indian porn

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?I am placed over a fire and roasted alive on a rotating spit.? Right before I die my abdomen is cut and myguts quickly removed and I am put back on t...e fire while still conscious, nowbeing nothing but a head attached to a slab of meat being cooked. After it all hehas my head preserved with the mouth open and pliant, and he keeps it on a polenext to his bed with a tube of KY, and he and his girlfriend use me tomasturbate with. That's therealistic part. Now I will add that I would like for him. Reid, I am sorry. You know you must had taken an extra effort on that test. I cannot do anything else than hold you two this summer for extra classes. I know you don’t like, neither me do, but you were the only two had didn’t made the grade.“But, Miss...”“I said I can’t, Miss Clawdeen. Personally, I would want to free you to your vacation, since you are two of my best students and being the only to not make the cut it wouldn’t hurt. But as Wayne School’s rules say, I must follow them and. . having an accident?"You: no-you turn and all you see is a mass of writhing green slime tentacles and my torso. the dripping noise was the slime dripping off of meYou: -yes- there are numerous tentacles some thin but most thick all are dripping with a green slime which drains back towards me all the tentacles are attached to where my legs used to be but from the waist up i look as i did before except my closeare gone and a green slimy film covers my body. my breasts are covered in slime as. I do not know how long all this had been but I was worn out and sore. I was taken off the bench and dogs were put in front of me, "Suck them not slut" I was told and my mouth was forced onto first one then another after each on filled my mouth. "Okay guys, now for the finish, out back." and I was carried to the back yard and tied to another bench. This one was different and I knew what was happening next. I heard horses near and knew what I was on for. The belt came down on my ass again and.

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