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Passion and desire and lust became one thing and first one dick erupted with spurts of cum coating the other dick and then that one spewing forth shot...after shot of cum mixing with the first.They continued kissing as the fervor slowly ebbed, much like the tide going out. The kisses returned to gentle, the breathing to regular.Sky turned slightly and reached for his wet undershirt where he’d laid it on the floor. He handed it to Stone so he could clean his pubes and loins, but instead Stone. 'I will take her down', came a sober offer, my dads friend, Bill, who was alone with the group, man in his fifties, divorced and had been eyeing me all night, not that it bothered me when he offered, as I was too far gone to care.With that settled the table cleared with much shouting and laughter as a new song was stuck up and no one looked back as Bill slid in beside me.He put a fatherly arm around my shoulder and under my breasts, and as he adjusted me in the darkness, he felt me, squeezing. His entire world was now the hot, thrusting meat cannon barreling in and out of his well fucked face, his mouth and throat well coated with a mixture of pre-cum and heavy spit. His face drew closer to her hips as she speared his mouth with increasing speed.“OH YEAH! YES! FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!”Monique rammed her cock in to the hilt, mashing James' nose against her pubis and locking her enormous balls just below his chin. He felt the fat sack shudder and discharge, her schlong shuddering in his. But, no one can make a guitar sing like you say." Do a favor for me, pet. Go to your computer, get on You Tube, and type in "B.B. King-"The Thrill Is Gone" Make sure it is the studio version. Listen to it all the way through. Then come back out here and tell us that, that man and his guitar don't break your heart." Yes Sir." And she went.Lucille just looked at me in wonder.I said, "For what it's worth, I call my lady "Baby Girl" Sir, The more I know of you, The more I want you."I kind of just.

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