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It is a requirement to submit this essay to gain a pass in this subject.Confidentiality: Due to the personal nature of the topic, your essay will be t...eated with complete confidentiality and will only be seen by your teacher and yourself.Due Date: Submit on or before 12th MarchStudent: XXXXXXXXMy first high school was a small one, a typical country high school with about 200 students from the 7th grade to the 12th grade all in the one little cluster of buildings. It was a pretty safe place, you. "I was just thinking. I've never seen you like this. I never thought I would see you like this." She looked at Sheila. "I don't think words can express how thankful I am that you came into his life."Poor Sheila looked flummoxed. "I don't know what to say." You don't have to say anything," Mom said. "Look, let's all go in the living room," she said. We did, Mom and Dad in their favorite chairs, Sheila and I together on the couch."Does she know?" Mom asked me."Yes," I said, knowing what she was. . did I want to check them out. I had never seen HARD CORE porn pictures.. the most I saw was my best friends dads Playboy/ Penthouse collection. so.. I get inside his van. he has a couch pulled out, and dark curtains over all the windows. he pulls a curtain across the front windshield.. then grabs a handful of magazines from under the couch. he sits down next to me, hands me one, and the first page was HOT!!! I had never seen a mans hard on before! the picture was a man holding his huge. She was getting rather worried as she waited several moments until he responded with a terse, “I guess that answers that question. Worried, CG typed “??????” “Maz wasn’t hot for me. I guess she was always after your sweet ass!” he replied followed by a rofl icon. “You are such a Fucker!” CG slammed out on the keyboard. “Glad I amuse you so much.” “Baby, as long as she didn’t lick your slit, everything’s good,” Jason replied. “WTF?? Why do I even bother with you?” CG typed. “It’s.

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