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'Dave, I just popped over to ask if there was any reason why we haven't spoken for a long while? Are you trying to avoid me or something?''Not at all ...ohn, I have just been really busy doing the house up that's all'As I looked around I could see that indeed, the paper and paint was fresh, and the carpet was new too.'You could have given me a shout mate, I would have been pleased to have helped you Dave' I said.'What, like the last time you 'Helped' me John?''Did you not enjoy me helping you. And walked into the female was empty...finding a cubicle...he stripped and got a girl'sone-piece swimsuit out of his bag...putting it on...skinsmoothened...penis disappeared...hips...breasts...grin......who was she this time...she left the cubicle...put the bag in thelocker to see another one in particular, come in...nextstop...the toilets...only places that had mirrors in this place...sheknew she had dark hair...Once there she saw in the. This was her first day in this exciting new environment that was to become her world and her life.With so many things already having changed since the death of her mother, her perverted thoughts had moved to new levels of lust after seeing her new slaves torture each other just for her pleasure. Once her driving goal had been to experience her body in ever way possible; for most of her waking hours she had dreamed of feeling absolute power over others. Now she had the power of life and death. So I went to the house to check this out. I saw my wife with a cut to her lip and her lip swelling, and Kev now had Suzy by the hair and was trying to drag her out of the house.So by this time I had caught up with what was happening and I moved in on Kev to make sure he released Suzy. And after Kev who was throwing threats around released Suzy pushing her into a wall. I was now the target for Kev to have a go at.I was really angry with him for splitting my wife’s lip and giving Suzy what was.

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