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It was the first public school we’d ever attended, and we loved it. The school was massive and had so many kids in it. It was a thrilling experience...At school, I was always picked on. You know that girl who sits in the back of the room and doodles in her notebook? That’s me. My brother was a knight in shining armor for the most part, and would always help me out whenever bullies became a problem. That school time, however, was short-lived.Mom was shaken down by some more Mafia guys. We had to. She sat at a table on the other side of the room and looked at her smartphone messages. I crossed my legs allowing my skirt to ride up a little. She obviously was aware of my gaze and looked up from the phone. I held her eyes letting my fingers slip down from my hair across my cleavage where I fingered the Ethiopian silver cross I always wear around my neck. She became a little flustered and her eyes away shifted from mine but not before she’d taken in my legs and heels. After a minute or so. Have they been watching the entire time. I slide the cock into my mouth and drip as much spit as I can and slip the lovely cock into my shaved and slippery pussy. Pushing slowly my ring widens as the plug reaches it's widest point and then my pussy ring closes fastly around the narrow end and the familiar feeling of the flared end of the plug seats perfectly inside my cunt. I am filled and I relish in the feeling as I pull my pink vanity fairs back up over my clit and ass. I go to get in and. "Look at this white bitch!" someone shouted. Lots of sudden laughter and shouting. My master grabs onto my collar. Jerks me around in circles. whacks my butt HARD several times. Several hands touching, slapping, punching me all over. I'm still hooded and eyes covered. Handcuffed. Its very disorienting and hard to keep balance. Getting tugged around nearly falling. My feet getting stepped on. Can't determine how many are at this party. I'm the main attraction. I'm pulled to another area of the.

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