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"What about people in the orchestra? Don't you haveanything in common with them?"The continued sobs mixed with an attempted laugh caused a rather stra...gegurgled noise. "I might play with the people and some might respect myplaying ability but we don't mix. I'm treated like a diseased animal,somebody to avoid. I might not know them all but my reputation as beingsomebody to avoid is very well known and very well adhered to."We talked for quiet a while about issues but none really gettingresolved.. " Don't you dare cum, Brett, not until I do," she growled, biting his ear and then lancing it with her hot, long tongue, flexing her ass harder on him, pulsating her cunt on his dick, knowing the effect it would have. "Don't you dare cum inside my hot pussy..or else...I'll make you finish me with your mouth, boy...I'll slide up your chest, onto your face...make you eat your own hot cum...and lick me...lick my cunt clean and make me cum...that what you want, boy? You want my hot granny pussy on. We were speaking casually for around half an hour about our routine life, work, ex-company and other colleagues of that company, our everyday traveling time spent in Volvo bus from ITPL to Banashankari which was taking nearly 2 hours to reach, fun time enjoyed every day during journey etc. and till that moment she was very joyful but when the topic diverted towards her boyfriend, she became too dull and not responsive to my queries to which I guessed they were broken up. When I consoled her. " I'll be damned," Isobel said. "You've hired a gigolo."Beth's laugh was like silver bells pealing. "Oh no. Money couldn't buy the delicious kind of screwing I've been getting."The other woman drained her glass. "Now I know I'm hearing things; the snow princess said a dirty word. But you still haven't told me who; and don't think I'll be shocked, Beth Marshall. I've screwed four different men since I've been married to Clayton, and two before him. And right now, I think I'm just beginning to.

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