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Perfect. I was about to put on my pants and boots when I heard the crash and tinkle of breaking glass.*** Mistress didn’t notice me sneaking a glan...e at her as she left to change. I loved her like this, the woman just home from her stressful job, still in her business suit and carrying the tension of the day, but every once in awhile, I needed to love the fierce and powerful woman who would love me too, in her own hard way. I felt a rush of anticipation and the buzz, like electricity, that. Uh.. uh.” She moaned as she smiled.Hearing those words, “sexy boy” those were not her words. Ali's sweet face passed my mind, and I thought about how much I she had shown me. How I told myself that I was done living like this I was going to to stand up. “sexy boy.” those were Ali's words for me, not HERS! A fire roared in my chest and came out of my mouth as I grabbed my mom and stood up and flipped her to the floor. She looked at me with shock and anger.“What the fuck do you think your. Liege ... was killed during the attack on us in Salas. She asked for protection and I granted it. She's been extremely helpful in gathering what little information we have on Durhorn. You've read the reports Mother sent over to you."Rabszolga preformed a flawless curtsy and Don wondered what magic kept her large and very firm breasts inside the low-cut gown as he watched in appreciation. He also noted the giantess rolling her eyes and Rabszolga glancing over to her taller neighbor with just a. After some time passed we stopped for a drink break and the cons were perplexed to figure out how and where the four long eared strangers had appeared apparently in place of the crew before. They were looking around and talking amongst themselves as I got out of the cab and walked around up the side of the chassis. The sisters and I greeted each other with kisses and hugs. I went from one to the next as I put my arms around them and felt their warmth. They all stroked me, fondled all over like.

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