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It is a desire, a craving that burns. Every nerve ending feels it. It grows quickly, and spreads over me, like a wildfire taking on a life all of its ...wn. It is desire, it is need. It is every part of me that craves, that is hungry, that is starved for sexual pleasure. I feel this sensation growing and it radiates throughout my body. Making it so difficult to concentrate on anything else. Things I enjoy, music, background noise, all just become an annoying, invasive, noise. All this intense. Soon, the floor of the stadium was a battleground as we watched. No violence was offered to us and the fighting was soon over. Another man and woman mounted the stand and came forward with their hands raised. No arrows this time and they came close. They stopped while still twenty feet away and the woman said, "We were captives but you and we have killed the real Southlanders. We also want to live in peace here if you will let us."'You may live here in peace as far as I am concerned. Leave us. Baba jee pora zoor say didi ki gaand ko chaat raha tha or zubaan andar ko dalta . Baba nay aunti ko bola thore cream do . To didi fat say boli nahi plz mat dalo edhar phat jay ge aap aysa mat karo baba bola kuch nahi ho ga mera lund soya hua hai dard nahi ho ga itnay main aunti ne cream di or baba ne lund per laga kar apna sami hard lund ko pechay say pakar kar didi ki gaand per rahk ker andar dala or pore gaand ko dono haatho say gaand ko khool kar lund ko andar apnay haath say press karta. "Come over here and kneel down," I said, still pumping away on his cock and watching his hips for the telltale signs of pending orgasm to be sure I didn't steal the last few strokes that were meant for Kami. She soaked her hand in lube and took over, on her knees facing him. I watched her pump his shaft with her right hand and knew my hubby was busy watching her tits rock back and forth with each stroke. Her nipples could have cut glass they were so hard, and I could smell her dripping.

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