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Wo mere bagal me baithi aur TV bhi on tha. Main padai bhi kar raha tha aur TV bhi dekh raha tha. Aunty ne salwaaz kamiz pehna tha aur pallu lagayi huy... thi. Maine apne ankho ke kone se une dekha ta b me dang reh gaya. Unhone apna pallu nicha rakh diya tha aur mujhe unka cleavage dikhai de raha tha. Mujhe laga galti se gir gaya hoga par unhone nahi uthai. Mera bhai phir se khada ho gaya.Main table ma pad raha tha isliye dikhai nahi de raha tha. Aur phir wo boli “tum to bade ho gaye ho.” main. She ad this way with me cock in her mouth - she didn't yank it like some gals - she let it go down her throat until her lips were round the base - then she kept them wet lips uggin me rod and pulled me out all the way while she played with me balls and then pushed her lips down again all the way so I was almost making her throat gag on me cock - she kept doin this until my balls emptied down her throat and I ad both me hands grabbin her curls holdin meself all the way in till I was sucked dry.I. ” He added"I've done some truly stupid shit in my life, but screwing my nephew really takes the cake," Rachel blew out a sigh and chuckled softly. Why couldn't he have sucked in bed and made this easy? Looking at him she said "Seriously?" Rachel looked at him in amazement, as she felt him already growing hard again against her thigh."Already?" she exclaimed."What can I say?" He chuckled. "I think my dick likes you.” Jason responded."Day-umm…” she said down low, as his fingers found her pussy. After some thought I opened my mouth and again took in the head of his cock. It felt strange, not the cock, but just the idea of a cock in my mouth. I was then told to run my tongue around the head. I did it and he moaned a little. This surprised me and again I pulled off. After a pause, I resumed where I had left off.He then told me to take it deeper. I didn’t do it right away but after some hesitation I did. Again I was in a different world, a strange one. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, in fact.

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