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Later, she took the move & trying to adjust herself. She sat really close to me. Till now, I had no intentions but since I was introduced to porn rece...tly at that time. I couldn’t control myself & heat started building in me.I too adjusted myself & my right hand started brushing her left hand as the jerks from the journey came. I thought she would move her hand but she didn’t do anything like that. This continued for a few mins & later I again pretended adjusting myself & kept my hand on hers.. When I was done, I looked down at my sissy husband. He seemed strangely happy too. Of course, this was his fantasy, to be used in this way. I decided to take pity on him for the moment. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I supposed I could have simply rolled over and slept, but I didn't trust him not to jerk off while I was asleep, and I wanted to control his every release. I smiled at him. "That was good Steve." I said. "Would you like to come now?"He nodded rather pathetically."You. I remember how a distant friend, who was in a similar profession, had to resort to intense medication to treat depression as his family has disowned him upon learning about his job.I get to hear about such stories often, but it’s an occupational hazard we have to live with. Independent gigolos like me are not many. The majority of the ‘G-Men’ are tied to the ‘network’, which mostly operates through so-called ‘massage parlors’ and ‘friendship clubs’.Men aspiring to ‘Gigolohood’ get a foothold. " She kneels down between my legs and licks from the base of my dick all the way up to the head. She does it again and once she reaches the top again she puts half my dick in her mouth and starts bobing her head up and down. I couldn't help but to grab the back of her head trying to force my dick deeper down her throat. She grabs my arm and pulls it away from her head and brings her lips up to mine and forces a kiss on me with the most tongue i've ever had. I could taste everything she was.

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