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I stood there, kind of twisting my hands together, unsure of what to say or do next. Thank goodness for Sweet.“Listen, Blue, I told Kat about you an... we both want to suck your cock. She is just a bit nervous... first time meeting you and such... right Kat?”She had gotten the train out of the station, so I hopped aboard. “For sure! Sweet tells me you and her have been together, that you are a lot of fun. As she said, I am antsy and eager at the same time... hope you understand.”He laughed a big,. Rani was naked while Karan was in the process of being so. Karan sucked and nursed on her big tits. He nuzzled his face between them and squeezed them around his face, sucking and licking everything in sight. Karan let go of her tits for a moment to undo his pants. He slid his pants down, letting his stiff cock spring up, fully hard. Rani reached down and touched the stiff cock gently, feeling it throb in her hand."Get down on your knees. I want to fuck your big tits." Karan told her."Ok." Rani. Goldstein had made me teach.But I hid my growing terror behind a bold, brazen exterior. With a knowing smile, I placed my hands on his shoulders and slowly inched toward him, straddling his legs. He was having obvious trouble getting his breath and his cock quivered, it was so hard. He laid his hands on my hips, his eyes wide with concern over making the wrong move, and I kept moving in until my pussy- hair flattened on his belly. My position was awkward; I had to bend my knees outward sharply. He began washing my back and hair, getting closer and closer to my body. Will pressed my body into his and his bulging penis began to fill my ass. He hadn't yet began fucking me but soon enough I could feel the easy, rhythmic motions of his tight hips working on my body. He began to get faster and faster and his semi-hard cock got rock solid. Nothing was going to stop him and he kept pushing harder aand harder. The pain was terribly awesome. I had already had two other sexual encounters with a.

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