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You must have witnessed something quite extraordinary.”I was about to say why when the Commander said.” I am not sure you should tell me about the...details of the case. Such information is for the court and could very well be classified.”“Speak for yourself.” Snarled the Klack captain several steps ahead of us,” I want to know. Have the Cadet attend Captain’s table at 2000 hrs sharp.”“Aye Sir.”The Captain disappeared into an IST shaft and was gone. The Commander grinned at me.” Our old Ant is a. I got my three R's from living in the bunkhouses and handy homes, as they were called sometimes. Reading and writing from old newspapers and Zane Grey paperbacks, and math from playing poker with the boys. I'd been raped twice, but that second time had been more my fault than his, and I'd learned. It hadn't killed me and the only thing I'd lost was a bit of blood, and I'd got that back a few years later. An eye for an eye, like the Good Book says.So that's me, California Oquias, or just Cali. It often depressed her when patients came in that couldn’t be saved.Smiling at Ed, Beth said, “If Cathy knew that we were here, she’d be pulling us back into her room to have her way with us. That women is insatiable.”Since this was the first time that the new staff had a chance to sleep with the family, Ed wondered how she could know that. He asked, “How do you know?”Beth looked at him like he was crazy. Tilting her head to the side, she asked, “Didn’t you know that we’ve been sleeping with. Theirs were Mark, Bobby, and Rick. Cindy and Rick were a couple. Conner turned to introduce me. "We are Conner and Alicia."All of a sudden I remembered that all I was wearing was a T shirt and not a very long one at that. I greeted everyone and then said, "Well, if we're going to have company, I better put on some clothes."I headed to the bedroom to change. As luck would have it, when I turned I tripped over a shoe and fell forward. I caught myself but my T shirt did not stay in place. My.

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