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" The father's abuse was ... excessive," continued Marissa."You mean... ?" Yes, so the stories go, he raped his own daughter repeatedly and it was sai... the mother not only knew of it, but helped even to the point of holding the girl down while the father ... oh, it's just too gruesome.'"No, I'd like to know. Please." Well, after several years William was lost at sea, but the boy, Simon, had become so warped by watching his father's perversions that he simply took up where his father had left. ?I want to watch your face as you cum." "Please Simon, I -" A sudden ripple of disappointment shot through her.? Her first orgasmwas always the most intense, and riding it out withouthis cock in herwas something she hadn't expected. "Well, well. You are a spirited little thingtonight.? You've neverhesitated for a second at one of my requests - alwayseager to playthe slut so unbecoming a prim and proper wife." "I - I want you inside me when I cum." "So.? Weregress.? Remember how we play?? Simon. They both saw more vigoursly whenever they meet me(Avargalin kama parvai ennai uruga vaithathu). They call me to bathroom, toilet when they got urges separately. I went and they kiss me, suck my nipples, and rub his cock on asscrack(iruvarum thaniye ennai bathroom, toilet kuupitu uthatai sappinargal, mulai kambai sappi nazuki, en asshole mugappil vaithu theipargal).After cummed, we came out. It would spend for 3 mon. Once raj came to me and happily said, we will go to his home. I told I wish to. I had no clue to what she saw in him; maybe he had a good heart or a big dick? Whatever it was they had been fucking for over an hour know.I got up and decided to go for a walk. Hopefully, they would be done by the time I got back.Jenny“Oh fuck, give it to me, Mike,” I moaned as he slowly pushed his cock inside me.“Oh, oh, oh, here it comes!”As his body shook he emptied himself into me for the third time that morning. I was on the pill so I didn’t worry about pregnancy and his hot cum dripping.

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