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" Mitch groaned as his muscular teenage body twisted against the sheets in pleasure, his big hands slipping into her soft blonde hair and holding her ...ead in place as his spurting prick shot copious amounts of thick white semen deep into her mouth. Finally, the last tingling twinges of his glorious release coursed through his body and he collapsed back into the pillows, wallowing in the delicious afterglow."Oh man, what a way to wake up," he said softly, smiling from ear to ear as his mother. " Well, that makes perfect sense for a Larson," I smiled."I thought so too. His name is Harald Christensen. He's a school teacher at a private school on South Granville." Sounds like a good, solid citizen. Good luck, Darlene. I hope you have a good time." Thanks, Dal. I owe a lot of my good luck to you. Did I tell you that my divorce is going through uncontested?" No ... that must be a relief." It is. Another episode in my forgettable past to put behind me." Sounds like the future looks a lot. The sea glimmered as the rays of the sun hit its surface, merchantmen cutting through it as they approached or left Tharros.Tharros was his city, Hugo knew that, but for how long?A discrete knock on the oak wood doors to his office caused Hugo to cry out "Enter!" and a small, thin man appeared in the doorway."Any news, Harlan?" Hugo asked the man."No sir, I'm afraid not." Harlan D'Urzo, Hugo's most trusted advisor, replied as he stepped into the Regent's office."Damn it Harlan!" Hugo nearly. She was led again along a corridor, one which was distinctly less ornate than those in the palace, and into a huge room which was divided into a number of small cells by bars, rather like the wild west lock-ups she had seen in films. Most of the cells contained a woman, naked, and they seemed to be in varying states of gloom. Some of the larger cells contained low couches used, she later learned, by valued customers who were accorded the privilege of trying out the merchandise before the sale..

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