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His answer although good was very shocking. yea i think i would was what he said. while thinking of asking him if he would do anything with me i got ... massive erection and as i looked at him i saw him staring at my know buldging pants and with a smurk if i might add. with knowing that he was liking that i was turned on he walked over and unzipped his pants. after what seemed like a life time he pulled out what seemed to be a great looking cock smooth and not single thing wrong with it. i was. Mr. Porter quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, not wearing any underpants his 8 inch dick rested on Mrs. White’s back as she said “yes, please fuck me, I want you inside my pussy.” She begged him.Alexia moved her hand inside her pants and began rubbing her pussy; already moist from the excitement alone. She knew she had to stay quiet, just like when she masturbated at home while her parents were asleep in the room next to her. Mrs. White began unbuttoning and unzipping her. He couldn’t believe the slut his sister was. Kamran banged her for nearly 15 mins, before he emptied his juice into her. In that time she must have cum 3 or 4 times, but her need was not yet satisfied. As Haroon pulled his huge cock from her pussy, she spun around and kneeling on the bed, on all fours, she took the hard rod infront of her and started to suck. She had her hands wrapped round haroon’s arse, her melons were dangling again. He seems to be in extacy, neither noticed Kamran move. I tried again, desperately wanting to start over with her, needing her to at least trust me until I could win her over. “My name is Ariel.” I said, surprising myself. I hadn’t used that name since… I shook the unpleasant memories away like the cobwebs that they were, and continued, forcing myself to look into her shadowed eyes and tell her the truth. Or at least as much as the truth as I dared. “I’ve been watching you. You looked lonely and afraid. I thought… this is probably foolish, but I.

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