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She took Gary’s left hand, lifted it and placed it on her right breast. It was so unexpected that for a moment Gary was frozen still. Then his hand ...aturally squeezed gently. ‘Ahhh!’ breathed Gerry. ‘I knew you would be gentle. I just knew it!’ Gary squeezed gently again. Gerry let go of his hand and moved hers to her other breast. She hooked her thumb under the black silk and revealed a hard nipple. Then it was all over. The waiter returned and they returned to normal. Gary called to him.. ”“Got it,” The waitress didn’t really care. She waited for him to order. Master ordered the same thing I wanted but asked for extra ketchup. He also ordered himself a large Coca-Cola.Jessie asked for Chicken Strips with ranch and fries with a Dr. Pepper.When the waitress left, Master shamed me for ordering.“I am sorry Master. I thought you wanted me to order.”“No, I expect you to demonstrate to your daughter how to behave. When you are asked a question, are you going to try to get away with. ." Melinda trailed off. Her eyes darted from his head to his feet and back again."Are you here to see me or make an appointment?"Melinda retreated a step as if only realizing now her close proximity to him. "Are you the school's counselor?" Yes, I am Doctor Victor Mann, but I prefer just Victor."Melinda nodded, then shook her head. "Um, no, I don't want to see you. I just ... took a wrong turn."It sounded lame to her, but excuses didn't matter now. She even managed a small smile."Would it be. No, I'm sure they probably are. But women's sports don't get a lot of attention, you know? From the papers?" I guess not." So I was hoping you were calling about Georgia's record." Well, I am interested in doing a story about her if she will cooperate. And certainly her playing major college basketball, and having a new scoring record, would be well worth a mention. It's just that I'm not a sports reporter." So it's about her academic honors?" Uh. Well. Listen, Miz -- what did you say your name.

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