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I told him yes she did and I would love to see more of her then all of a sudden I looked up and there she was. She has walk up to our table and said h...llo I am miss luscious and I see y'all was really enjoying my show. My husband and me both told her we thought she was so sexy and hot and wish she was back on stage. So she said well for a hundred dollars we could go back to the private room for 30 minutes. My hubby and me both at the same time said we love to so she grab my hand and I grab my. ’ ‘We’ll have to bring them in, then. Anything else?’ ‘No, sir, although I’m sure I’ll remember something when it’s too late.’ ‘Well, you’ll have to just make a list, all right? It’s getting late. I don’t see us returning tonight. I don’t want to drive that rut in the dark.’ He turned to the clerk. ‘How much?’ While the girl was adding up their purchases, he looked at Georgia. ‘I’ll get us a couple of rooms for tonight and we can return tomorrow morning.’ To the clerk, ‘We’ll pick this all up. Her eyes are lusty. I was playing in her neck with my tongue.she enjoyed it. I moved my hands into her t-shirt and pressed her navel . She shouted. It was awesome.then I smooched her legs. She wore leggings. It showed her legs which is awesome. I played with her foot. Kissed her foot. She moaned. Then came to boobs which I touched it. She cuddled my hair and I played with it. I started pressing it. She enjoyed it. I twisted her nipples which is awesome. I played with her whole body. She enjoyed. I put the phone onto speaker and thought about recording it, to embarrass her at some time in the future. The conversation between the two girls on the way to the toilet was drunk typical, one guy, in particular, seemed to be the favourite topic, who apparently had shown how big his cock might have been when my wife had ground her arse into his crotch during one of the many dances, however, it appeared that he had eventually gone off with someone else. (lucky me). The girls were in the.

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