One of the things that caused the scene to look unnatural was that the man was standing on one of the fence posts. His shoulder length blond hair was ...eing tossed about by a light breeze. He wore cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a denim shirt. Over these were a duster also being tossed about by the wind. Crossing his back was the empty holster for a rifle and a sheathed katana. The rifle for the holster was held in his left hand. His finger was on the trigger, though at the moment the rifle was. He rang my bell but John did not. Over my next half dozen dates, John's interest and skills gradually increased. But so did my sex drive.I was spinning wildly out of control. When I was in bed naked with a stranger, I loved every minute of it. But complexities and emotions intruded in between those brief moments of bliss.Fantasies about sex with strangers invaded my thoughts unexpectedly. I would see two people together in the street or in a store and imagine them naked together, fucking right. That just wouldn't do. I had to take a toothbrush to my teeth right now.I grabbed a robe and wrapped it around myself. It was too early for this crowd to be up, but there was no way I was taking chances around Rod. I hurried out of my room toward the bathroom and stopped dead in my tracks. Five feet away, staring at me with equal surprise was Melissa.She didn't let that surprise stop her from softly closing Rod's door behind her and holding a finger up to her lips. Her robe was loose; her hair. It didn’t take long to get my shaft hard, just a few stokes, Lyn slithered down the bed to take my cock into her warm wet mouth causing me to let-out a low moan, l could feel the head of my cock being squeezed by her throat muscles then Lyn gasp when she eased my cock from her throat, she did this repeatedly. My pre-cum oozed from the urethral opening at the tip of my cock, Lyn swallowed the clear sticky liquid then climbed up the bed to straddle me, she held my shaft and impaled herself.

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