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I may be her son, but it's difficult not to notice her full breasts, narrow waist, and flaring hips. Her legs are long, sculpted by hours doing laps i... the pool and biking around the hills near our house. Mom likes to keep in shape; she went on a total fitness kick after dad left and she's kept to the regimen religiously ever since.I've inherited my mother's coloring: blond hair, blue eyes, tan easily. I'm about average for my age, maybe even a little thin. A touch of myopia ensures I have to. Within 30 seconds Melanie wasrock hard and she didn?t have to be asked to position herself behindMelanie. It was difficult at first for Melanie to even penetrate Chantal.But when Evelyn realized that Chantal was squeezing her sphincter toprevent entrance she grabbed both of Chantal?s ass cheeks and pulled themapart which allowed access immediately. Melanie?s first thrust was 4inches and with her next she was completely in. Not wanting it to end tooquickly, she slowed her pace and tried to enjoy. . the nurse told me. I've been out for two days." I thought you were asked not to speak with anyone," she said authoritatively. She was getting all Alpha-male on me."First of all ... it was a request, not an order. Nobody told me I was under arrest, so I'm not subject to your orders. And second, she told me, I didn't ask." Fuck her. If she was gonna be another female like Flo, I wasn't even going to talk to her. I certainly wasn't going to do anything just because she asked for it."All right. I was breathing heavily as our eyes locked on to each other I knew she could see the spy hole, I closed my side and got sorted and went downstairs sitting there, as though nothing had happened. Mum come down and sat chatting about what we had to do “did you like seeing my body John and how I pleased myself” I nodded shyly “how long have you been watching me” “about a year” “do you like to see me naked” “yes I think you are stunning mum, sorry I watched though” laughing mum said don’t be silly.

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