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“You could have sent me a message” I replied still staring at her. She noticed that I was staring. “I wanted to apologize for yesterday and I wa...ted to do it personally. Your mom said you were still in your room. I did not find you in the bedroom and I just entered the bathroom to see if you were there. I found you there with your dick in your hand” she narrated and she was laughing.I was staring at her the whole time she as she narrated. She had applied pink lipstick to her tender lips. I. ” “He said he had not had a date since high school and was too tall for most women.” “He would pick me up at 6:00 tonight and wanted me to dress more formally.” Amy said, “I have a dress that would fit you because it fits me.” “I am sure that Dennis will understand.”The dress was a deep blue that came down to just below her knees with a slit on each side that would reveal her naked legs if she stepped out of it. It had some padding built in for her breasts and the front V came down between her. Justice. Good, maybe we can finally get to thebottom of this mess."What do you think you're doing, Faye? I did not put you in Bobbie'sbody so you could spend your days making doe-eyes at Tim. There iswork to be done."Faye?s eyes burned. "Then put your pet back in here, I never asked forthis."Justice shot her a steely look. "Do you think I did this just topunish Bobbie? This was for your benefit as much as hers. You neededto see what your life could have been like if you didn't allowyourself to. Then I made my way past his hairy belly to his beautiful cock. “Damn, I love sucking on Latino meat,” I thought to myself. He was pumping in and out of my mouth and I lifted his legs up and stuck my tongue into his hole again. I got both legs over my shoulders as I stuck my dick back into his hot hole. I was careful to lift up on his legs and let my cock slide across his prostate as I pumped in and out. He was fisting his dick as I fucked him and he was shaking again. I wanted to take.

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