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I look down at him, his lips already coated in my juices as he licks his lips hungrily. He looks at me then, his eyes look down to my pussy greedily. ...I lower myself down again and he takes a long slow lick. I move up so his tongue is at my entrance and my clit is touching his nose. He starts fucking me with his tongue as I rock back and forward, my clit grazing against his nose stimulating me, making me cry out. And making me wetter, soaking his face and he can’t stand it. He growls and rubs. Her hands held mine firmly on my chest as she gazed down into my eyes. We stayed like this recovering ourselves, then; soon, I felt an unmistakable stirring down below. It wasn’t long before she felt it too, the growing bulge of an erection forming in a tight space. My cock was straining to straighten itself out, pushing against the fabric of my shorts and the weight of my girlfriend. A wry smile spread across her face at the realisation. Steph began unknowingly and imperceptibly to ever so. She closed her eyes and hugged me around my waist. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, so I lifted her near her hips and pushed her on the bed with my tongue still inside her.I was sleeping on top of her. I lifted her right leg up and caressed over her niqab. Now I moved my hand around her hips and lifted her on top of me. She was enjoying my kiss. I locked her legs with mine, put my left hand on her lower back and my right on her neck and moved my hands over her entire body, over her. "Here you are," said Tim. "Here we both are." Both of us," she agreed. She looked at him, suddenly curious. "How did you get here?" she asked. "What's a nice boy like you doing in a place like this?"Should I tell her? Tim thought. Maybe she'll think I'm just a cheap crook and she won't want to have anything to do with me. He decided to chance it--the least he could do was repay her honesty with his own. He told her about his boyhood in Brooklyn, how everyone and everything seemed to work.

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