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It was a warm and comfortable summer night with only a suggestion of a breeze when a man came up behind her and said, "Hi Queenie." Like Sandy, except...for his thong and nipple clamps, he was nude. He had the start of a beer belly even though he was still young and was sporting an erection that Sandy could not ignore. "Hello," she said politely. "Looks like you are having a good time?" she said, gazing at the firm appendage between his legs. "It's okay. I wanted to do anal but Louisa doesn't do. She really wanted to have a child but her husband was not in a position to give her one.I could see the sadness in her eyes.After that we kept silent.I really wanted to make use of this time.My mind thought of some nasty things.From our conversation i found out that she like me.I really wanted to fuck Her and squeeze her boobs but i didn’t have that guts.After a Long struggle in my mind i broke the silence by asking her “Do you want me to help you?”.She was taken back and asked me “What?”.I. Hereyes were closed and her mouth parted as she gave short, excited breathsas she underwent her brutal i****tuous fuck."Uh, uh, uh," she uttered, her body shaking with pleasure as Joe beganto increase his pace. He fucked her just as roughly as he had fucked herarse. He soon went faster and faster, leaning down and lewdly lickinghis sister's sweaty face as he pounded her cunt.Secured to the bedposts with belts, Crystal's slender arms and legsshook as she built up towards a climax. It built up. She's mine.He looked down at her face, grabbed her jaw with his thumb and pointer finger and lifted her so she was sitting up. With his hand still controlling her face he forced her look at him in the eye and whispered, "Don't you say a fucking word."She nodded, and he untied the scarf around her face. He straightened up so his dick was in front of her eyes. With big round eyes she stared at it. He said, "Open your mouth" and to his surprise she did and also stuck out her tongue and licked the.

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