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Literally dragging Julia back down to the dining room and pushing her in the general direction of her husband, Ray announced to the rest of the gang there was no value in the shit she had just shown me. The gang all ogled the state of her blouse and especially the tits the tears were now displaying much more freely.Ray then spoke quietly to Leroy who produced a five-inch knife; he immediately held it to Julia's throat as Ray instructed Jed, the other coloured guy to remove the gag from. When I have company, I will give you instructions as to your behavior for the evening. You will keep yourself shaved at all times or we can work on getting you waxed at some time. You are not to entertain when I am not home and without my permission. Unless otherwise told, you will remain naked in my presence. If you do as you are told, you will have a comfortable and happy life here with me. Your every need will be provided for and I will protect you. Are you ready to become my new little. At the age of 15 she already had a B cup which then kept growing until it reached the D she had at the moment.The moment? Yes, breasts keep growing until you're 22 and she was only 17 by now.But it was not only her breasts but also her whole body size.She always kept an eye on her weight. 162cm and 47 kilos fits quite nicely togehter - a real size sero but size L breasts. There she was now, buying mascara at the moment and wearing a shorter red dress with stockings underneath.Her 10cm heels. My name is Jack but from the moulment we met sissy called me her Daddy. the fucked up thing was she refused to spend a dime of my money all she wanted to do was baby me and treat me like a child. When she moved in with me she told me she was quiting her job and would be taking care of me full time, I didn't know what that ment then but I learned fast.....This little girl was a freak.The first clue was when I went to take a piss, she would follow me into the bath room and hold my dick to direct.

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