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He'd just killed my mom, snappedher neck just like that. I wanted to pummel him, I wanted to beat thecrap out of him, I wanted to...No, I didn't, thes... were his emotions running through me. Was it becausehe was controlling my body? I couldn't think very easily, things weregetting messy. Why were they messy? Was it because Korra just murderedher mother? No, wait a minute, that's...Dad! That freak bio leeched my dad!I balled my hands into fists, and in my own brain, electricity shot out,hitting. I just sat back of her thigh and started to massage like a mad and my 7 inch dick was rubbing her buttocks. She was moaning like a sexy bitch aaahhhhhh. I made her to turn and I pulled her blouse and slowly removed her panty.Now she was completely naked in front of me, her naked body was so gorgeous I just hugged her tightly and planted a kiss on her lips we were kissing passionately for some 15 minutes. I just grabbed her both the boobs and started caressing it, I was pressing her boobs I took. “Alex, the lights are still on,” I said. “I want to leave them that way for a while so I can see you. Then after I come once I want to turn them out so we’ll both be in the dark and we’ll just rely on our sense of touch and we’ll be equal. Is that OK with you?”“Of course, Mikey,” she giggled. “I’m always in the dark.”I remembered what Dad and Aiden, both of them, had told me. Be gentle. Be slow. Make it good for her. It will be good for you. I wasn’t a dummy about how to do it. I’d done my. Then he lines his cock up to my hole. I wondered how his cock would fit in my hole, because he was like 10 inches long. “Don’t worry, it will fit” he said. I was a little scared by the way he said it will fit. Justin was now sitting on the bedpost, where I am still handcuffed, watching Ryan. I was staring at Ryan, waiting for him to make his move. He moved closer and closer. I closed my eyes as I felt his head trying to push through. “Don’t fight it, Jason. It’ll hurt. Just breathe.” I heard.

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