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His people celebrated the safe return of their lord for it marked the end of his vicegerent’s tyranny and, surely, better times ahead. Indeed, margr...ve von Kaltbach was a just and competent (if a little severe) leader who quickly managed to restore law and order in his province. Life was still hard in the shadow of the Kaltbach Castle, but at least safe and peaceful.Still, even as the old harmony was being restored, sorrow was to haunt the land again.During one cold autumn a messenger spread. Laura was made to orgasm twice over the idea of there being literally no one in her entire life who had ever mistreated her who had not been sexually rewarded by her for doing so.Next were a series of "attitude adjustments". Laura was conditioned to never be able to accept money for any work that didn't make her feel degraded and objectified. At the end she was asked to make a list of suitable jobs for a slut like her. Giggling and feeling stupid, Laura wrote a list that included "whore",. And would make it in a way that if I get a red signal I could make things work and would not make it embarrassing for me or her.So I had things planned out. I woke up early In the morning and went for a shower before she was home. As soon as I heard her voice I came out of the bathroom and rushed to my room ( as I knew she always comes to my room first to clean) she was on the balcony adjoining the room, I locked the room door from inside. And I threw my towel and was stalking and waiting for. My temporal shield was tried first and it appeared to work fine. I took the small device in my hand and energized it. A beam seemed to go out a centimetre and end at the inside of shield. With the temporal shield off and the other shield in its place the energy went out over eight metres. I moved it back and forth and saw that it used a lot of power to function. I shortened the beam to a metre and saw the load to be much reduced.Harriet pulled me back in when I was done. She said, "It looks.

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