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Maddy stopped wrestling leggy femme and aggressive on the floor - allbecause of the Fag-Hag's frosty stare of intimidation. Beefy nylonthighs and girl... sandals untangling away on the floor, silky blackskirt flapping in the air on Maddy's naughty ass escape."Sometimes these younger guys just flame coming out." Stallion Freddyremarks to nobody in particular as if explaining to an amused Vegandining crowd. Ponytail blondie just sitting there on the tile in aconfused daze, pink spandex shorts and. I was dumbstruck, still looking to the right as the girls pulled away,and I was assigned a new "buddy". A large, overweight guy, in his too-tight T-shirt noticed me gazing that way and gave me a weird look beforeflipping me off. I shook my head and returned to my trek forwards to theoffice.For the first time today, a smile came to my face. I thought of thatnameless blonde and her friends... but mostly the blonde. A sensation ofexcitement coursed through my chest in a way that I hadn't felt. The other thingis that she doesn't just jump right in and expect me tocum in ten seconds. She varies her technique quite abit, always looking for new ways to get a rise out ofme.Typically she'll lightly run her fingers all around mytesticles and my erection. She will tease and prod andmanipulate with her hands and fingers. Only when I'mrock hard will she take me in her mouth. I love theslurpy noises she makes. She will very messily work upcopious amounts of dribble as she uses her whole mouthto. We stopped kissing and I told her to get up on her hands and knees in front of me as I put one foot up on the table along her left leg and taking my throbbing meat in my hand I was sliding it up and down her sweltering wet lips all the way up to her hard c*** which I smacked a few good times to let her know I was there to f*** her brains out. I grabbed onto her hips and pushed my c*** into her it was a bit snug and got tighter the further in I went I could feel her muscles gripping on to my.

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