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I am around 30 y.o. During December I was going to a village beyond their village. I decided to stop over for a night. I went to their house around 3 ...m. Now to describe my in laws. My father in law is around 58 and my mother in law was around 45. My father in law is pretty young looking for his age. And my mother in law is awesome. She has got that flowing body and clean features with a dusky skin around 5 ft plus and 60 kgs. I had my lunch and thought i will check out a movie and while going. I smiled back and slightly nodded my head as I raised my glass in a silent toast to him. I was melting inside, and my pussy moistened as I wondered again whether I should approach him. He solved my dilemma by making the first move. He stood up and approached me with a smile on his face as he sat on the stool next to mine and said hello. I acknowledged his hello with a nod and smiled. I asked the bartender for another drink and indicated he was to give one to my new found friend.He offered me. "-don't get to tell each other who we can and cannot fuck."The pretty blonde's eyes went wide and her jaw clenched as she got right up in my face. "Get this. You fuck Taylor one more time and you're never touching me AGAIN." And with that, she gave me a healthy shove to the chest. "You got that?" she raged."Melody..." I sagged. I didn't want to give Melody up but the thought of being with my goddess again was just too enticing. "Be reasonable..." You're such a fucking MAN," she spat. "Words or. If you keep being a good girl, he won’t come out again today.”Charmaine knew how much pain Mr Spoon could bring so she quietly turned back and took Matt back into her mouth. Matt clasped his hands around the back of her head ensuring she would stay in place.Andy spread her butt cheeks apart and smiled, “hello, did you miss me?” he said as Charmaine’s anus slightly opened. He lent forward and started to lick at her sweaty rosebud. After a few minutes he started to probe with his finger, soon a.

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