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Aap ko pata hoga gaand marwaane waali aurton ki gaand ke chhed ke chaaron aur ek gol kala ghera sa ban jata hai par shahad raani (sudha) ki kori gaand...dekhkar mujhe hairaani hui. Kya waakai ye abhi tak kori hi hai. Main yeh soch kar hi romanch se bhar gaya. Wo mera lund choose jaa rahi thi. Achaanak uski aawaj mere kano me padi“aare lundoiji kya hua tum bhi to apna kal ka vrat todo na” uska matlab choot ki chusaai se tha.“aan… haan “ main to uski gaand ka kunwaara cheed dekhkar sab kuch bhool. Give it some thought, but don't say anything to anyone outside, would you? I don't need it getting to Rayme and having him in here kissing up for Dick's job five times a day." That may be your best reason to give it to Michelle," Dave smiled. "I don't think too much of the joker at the best of times, and don't forget, he's the one who let Pittman get away with the deal with Larissa Hamilton. I don't know the details, but it strikes me that, if Rayme had been keeping his eye on what his people. My eyes were drawn to her black silk panties where I could easily seethe patch of darker excitement. I shuffled closer eager to taste her andas I did the subtle scent of excitement hit my senses. My head swam atthe heavenly scent and my mouth watered, unable to help myself I buriedmy head between her legs eliciting a chuckle from her."See I told you bunnies love holes," she chuckled.My tongue snaked out tasting the damp patch on her panties and sendingme to heaven. I love the taste of my. An owl hooted as she impaled her pussy down my dick.“Master!” she groaned as her juicy, Valyan snatch engulfed my dick to the hilt.I groaned at the hot pleasure surging down my shaft at the feel of her. It was incredible to be in a woman’s cunt. My sex slave’s cunt. Zanyia may have bullied her way into being my sex slave, but I enjoyed it now. I savored owning my women.Her cunt engulfed me to the hilt. She ground her clit into my pubic bone as she leaned over me. Her bluish tits swayed, her.

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