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”“I’ll try to be a good patient,” she smiled at the nurse.“I bet you could tell us a few war stories from your years working here. Doctor Co...per will be with you in a moment.”Karen felt lonely, dejected and mad at herself. “I gave birth to three perfectly healthy babies, what went so wrong this time?” She muttered. Depression was already starting to infiltrate her consciousness. “Dan will hate me for losing our baby, I just know it! He’ll hate me so much and stop loving me. How could he ever. Anne whispered, ‘We are tough, and we have a several tough guys with us.’ Upstairs, I was in my briefs, brushing my teeth, when a parade of bodies joined me, fingers at their lips. Nicole whispered in my ear, ‘You remember about FION’s line of accessories? We are modeling the nighties. Very modern nighties. No touching!’ I turned around. What a sight. Modern meant the hems were no more than six inches below the crotch. Worse, it was obvious that modern meant nothing beneath the silky fabric in. ‘Ooof!’ I breathed into Sarah’s pussy. The finger withdrew and my arse was spanked hard again. Kirsty hit me four more times then stopped. I felt her move behind me and then cold, wetness on my arsehole from the lube bottle. The finger was reinserted and the spanking resumed. It was hard to concentrate on keeping a rhythm going on Sarah’s clitoris but she as so turned on it hardly mattered. I felt a second finger slip into my bum and a series of six sharp slaps on my bum. My cock was hard and. I simply said, "Let's see if you remember how to please a woman."She crawled onto the bed and between my legs. I opened a little wider as she began licking on my pussy lips. She was so tender and focused. She licked, nibbled, and teased. This luxuriously slow paced pleasing went on for minutes. When she had me near the brink she slid a finger inside my eager hole. A couple of minutes of slow fingering and concentrated licking and my legs stiffened, squeezing her head between them as an orgasm.

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