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I smiled up at Tony, Yes honey we had a little too much to drink and came here to recouperate. I glanced over at Cali, she was snuggled close to me, s...ill sound asleep. Tony looked at the two of us, "Yes I believe you both had so many orgasms and wore yourselfs out", he said.Tony went in the other room, and made him a drink. I woke Cali and headed into the living room with Tony.A few moments went by and Cali joined us in the living room, wearing only a thin nightgown of mine. I laughed quietly,. She had dressed very sexy, wearing a pullover top without bra, a short jean skirt without even a thong and high heeled boots.She really looked so hot.I was standing right behind her with my hands holding her belly. My hips were molded into her butt and my cock was pointing towards the ceiling while being caressed by her lovely ass cheeks. As the time for the concert neared, the crowd grew and we were soon pinned to the stage by a sea of people. I felt Ana squeezed a hand between us and moved my. He begins fucking me using long slow strokes,as if he is in the saddle at a slow trot. Each stroke fills my hole until I am stretched wide. I feel every inch of his cock as he enters me again and again.The repetitive sensation of having my ass stretched and penetrated by such a rock hard tool is intense. I bite down on my lip, trying not to cry out in pain and in pleasure. It is not long before the motion riding in and out of my hole becomes hypnotic, sending me into a kind of a daze.In the. David is conscious of the CCTV in the office and ensures that they are not seen by it. Pamela leads the way and David follows her, his eyes fixed to her figure as she walks. He closes the door behind them as Pamela turns to face him. Pamela stands, arms folded in a last bastion of defiance. “I think it’s time I saw you playing with yourself”, David smiles. Pamela unfolds her arms. “What, you’re not going to fuck me”, she asks. Pamela had fully expected David to have insisted on at least a.

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