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I’m masturbating as I recall the evening's flirting with Kimi, and what I would like to do with her. My wife, Lorry, is lightly snoring beside me. ...his wasn’t the first time I had masturbated to the thought of having Kimi in bed. My wife and her best friend Kimi, had had a sewing day, and I knew they hadn’t eaten any real food (nothing unusual), so I stopped by the store for some pre-cooked dinner. They got together every week, and every week it was the same routine; I would get some fast-food. I began to climax as the talented tongue of thatgirl lick and the sucked my clitoris to the point ofrelease. Now more than ever did I need to feel a hardprick in my pussy and the second young man removed hiscock from his buddy’s mouth and anxiously replaced herable tongue with his rigid tool that was thick andeight inch in length to my total satisfaction. I waseagerly getting myself fucked in the pussy while Isucked another cock at the same time, which was a newand daring feat for me.Never. I lifted Karen's other leg, took off her thong, and cleaned it up. While I was doing this The Watcher put his now limp, but very happy, cock away, fastened everything up and with a silent "wow" quickly disappeared into the trees.As Karen put her shorts back on, accepting that I'd used her thong, she continuously told me how good it had been, how horny it made her feel, not being able to see anything, or hear anything except the music.All the way back to the caravan she was thanking me for. Hope you enjoy!I was only seventeen years old when we moved into our new house on Elm Street, Tennessee. I was 5"5, about 110 lbs, and I had jet black hair with emerald gray/green eyes. I had 36C sized breasts, which looked very big on my small frame. In my old town I'd had lots of friends and I'd kissed a little over a dozen boys, but I'd never gone past second base. When we moved, it was the summer of 2007 and I had never lived anywhere so hot in my life! Despite the heat, all of the lawns in.

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