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” He looked round to each of them. “Come along inside and have some coffee. You do all drink coffee? Bern ... Etty ... has told us about importing...coffee from the Continent. We’ve noticed a drop in the price already.”“Yes, sir!” Candy smiled, and held up a bag. “We’ve brought a little present for Etty’s family.” She extended it to their host, who took it and weighed it in his hand. “A sample of our last cargo,” she finished.“Thank you, Candy ... Etty and Bill.”Candy sat very close to Bill, with. Then my mom started to talk again, that from this day forth all of my boy clothes were going to be donated, and I was to start dressing as a girl, my eyes grew wide with excitement. My sister saw this look in my eyes and said that I think he or she I should say likes that idea. I mean I was already a cute guy to begin with already, standing at about 5'8" at 145, I had curves in all the right places. Then my mom shocked me with another surprise, that after we were done shopping I had a 3:30. They were provided a room but for the reason of too much people they have to take me with them in the bed.they also dont mind.they came late night after a long adda with elders and close the door.they sleep beside me fortunately the lady lay between me and her hubby for their privacy.i was awake when they came but pretend as in sleep.the female gigled after sometime and the male says pls… “no,he could be awake.” “pls he is not old enough he will not understand pls i am very horny now my cock is. We tried on him several times but with no luck.A few nights later camping out again we talked about fucking and I told Mike if he stuck his dick in my butthe might be able to "sperm". Using both of our pre cum as lube he was able to get his boner in my ass with no trouble and he went to work like an experineced sex machine. He was still unable to "sperm" though.This was our first summer and spent a lot of time stroking each other and me jacking off so he could watchme cum, he would even use.

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