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Susan mentioned they were going away for a few days together.“Have I been replaced by a woman?” he joked.“Never!” Sandra barked and then smile....“We’re getting to know each other in more ways than one.”“We’ll always need you and your wonderful big cock to please us,” Susan added.“At least I haven’t been replaced by a dildo,” he kidded.“Some times you are. We can’t expect you to live with us all the time.”Moments later, Cathy came into view buttoning her blouse from the bottom up. The inner. She moved her hand to the other breast, repeating the exploration ."they are beautiful Liz " said Vicky .Liz had been watching Liz as she shaped and explored her breasts and the expression on her face began to alter and she stared into Vicky's eyes. "You like them a lot don't you" she smiled "They are so soft "said Vicky . "Do u want to lay down ..i will give u a massage " "I was going to suggest that , i love massage and your touch is so amazing and gentle" Liz lay back and closed her eyes. Please fuck yo' nigga." No," he said, pausing briefly as if to consider her request. "You can stop showing off now, monkey. I'm not going to fuck you just yet. Let go of your legs. I've seen enough of that nasty nigger cunt for now."Shamed again, she released her thighs and rested her legs on the bed. He climbed up on the bed and straddled his colored slave girl's belly, facing her. He leaned forward and spat on her chest between her breasts."Lube those udders up, cow," he said. "I'm gonna fuck. As far as I know she’s still shy of her first period, and while I can imagine tonguing her, fingering her, forcing her to lick me, her lack of development limits the scope of the shame I can make her feel compared with a girl coming into her sexuality, one I can force to orgasm against her will, one who knows and understands just what I’m forcing her to do.I move on, running down my mental list, imagining each in turn, shackling them, paddling them, fingering them, licking them. Four young.

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