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Bobby had Julie bent in half, with her ankles on his shoulders. His thick rod was moving in and out of Julie’s flushed pussy. Barbie stopped, becaus... he wasn’t going fast.“Barbie likes this position,” she heard him say.“I ... can’t ... breathe,” panted Julie.Bobby immediately raised up and leaned back, but didn’t pull out of her.“That’s better,” said Julie. “I liked it, but not for a long time. You were going really deep.”“I usually go faster,” said Bobby. “Something about Barbie makes me. She smiled. “I suppose so,” she said.Then she frowned “But we cant, you know………”“Well” I said, “If we don’t we have both wasted a morning……”I should at this point say that even though I was trying to appear confident and front out the situation I was incredibly nervous. This was the first time I had booked an escort and I was unsure of what would happen anyway. To find out that I had in fact booked my cousin was additional stress. My heart was beating so hard I thought I had a bird trapped in. .. Tonight she had just won a Tony as bestactress! Her acceptance speech on stage had been emotional, especiallywith Harvey and Joanna sitting in the audience!And now, resting here at home, ready to go to the big celebration party,all she could think about was how horny she was and how she deserved aspecial treat. How lucky she was to have a husband like Trevor whounderstood her needs. Just as Julie lit another cigarette, there was apolite knock on her bedroom door and Justine, the black maid,. Her white face and her dark green eyes made me freeze. She had waist length jet black hair. Her tight red leather corset barely concealed her large perky breasts. The black leather lace up pants nicely rounded her bottom and ended below her knees. She completed the outfit with black leather thigh high boots. I smiled and nervously asked for masturbation aids. She led me over to a wall with all kinds of toys. She assured she would be available if I had any questions. She left me to explore my.

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