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She paced nude in the livingroom wondering if she might seduce the mailman. She washed dishes in the kitchen thinking about going to the market and pi...king up on a box boy there. Finally, an idea dawned on her.She picked up the phone, and, with the menu in hand, she dialed her favorite pizza place. They, of course, delivered. It didn't take her long, once she'd placed the order for a mushroom and sausage cheese pizza, to shower, shave her legs, and make herself as beautiful as pie. And she. We hardly use to meet because of her family being strict and all. But there was this one day when she got the chance to meet up. We had a plan that we will meet up at my place and will have a couple of smokes and some alcohol. After that, she will leave. It was just like casually meeting up with a friend on day to day basis. So she came to my place and we straight away went to my room because that’s where we decided that we will chill. So she came and we sat down and started chatting.In between. The people running it wanted one thing, and that was the check they got every month, in my name, from the Social Security Administration. I was just that to them – a canceled check."That shut her up about the orphan thing.As we ate I kept thinking about the name I got off the lone survivor of the attack at Atlantis. Hawk needed to know that the shooter named someone much too close to him, but what would he do with such incendiary information, and how would/could he use it to its best. We sat whole day discussing our escape options and found none. We came to the conclusion that we don’t have any escape options. Aradhana told me how much she loved me and her love won’t change for me ever. I consoled her that my love towards her won’t change ever even after she does this. Aradhana consoled me that she will be doing this just for our safety. She wished me to rescue her as soon as possible and then we will forget this forever, and start a happy life then after. I promised her.

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