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"Sam's eyes widened when he heard her call. He turned around to see her peeking out of her cubicle and beckoning him back. With no bag to hide it this...time, he prayed that she wouldn't notice his cock rapidly going from half mast to full sail as he walked back to her.Denise bit her lip when he walked into her cubicle, and then whispered, "Can I ask you a favor?" Yeah, sure," he responded, wondering why she was whispering."I've got a problem, but it's not here, it's at home."Sam's mind whirled.. Ooohh.”I felt like someone had hit me with a ball bat. I watched as she assailed her wet little pussy. Her head was back against the chair headrest and she was oblivious to everything except the fire that burned in her pussy. She jammed her fingers harder and faster and I saw her push her them deeper and turn her hand back and forth, twisting her fingers inside her stretched out lips.My cock was raging as I watched her. I knew I could not leave and I slowly walked to her and when I was at the. She took a break at one point to respond to some of the comments from her followers, and to take some requests. Some simply involved her playing with her pussy some more, something she was both willing and eager to do, and some were a bit more depraved (one particular follower offered her an obscene amount of money if she would shove a book up her ass, something she was not sure was actually physically possible). Nearing the end of her show she decided to change positions and give her followers. I cant believe my predicament, my head between romi's legs, my face inches from nirvana. Im losing control ive got to get a better look, I grab a little flashlight from the coffee table and light that pussy up. OMG! Are you freaking kidding me im speechless I can see moisture between her soft lips. My cock is rock hard and I have lost site of right and wrong, all I know is that I have to touch it but how with out getting caught. What will I say if she catches me. Fuck it I cant hold back any.

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