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Today is Jessica’s birthday. Having just turned 18, her mom had a great party planed and had invited the whole family and most of the neighbors to a...tend Jessica’s party The night before, the party plans had been worked out and a celebration orgy took place in which Jessica’s mother and father both enjoyed sharing their daughter.Having realized it was morning, Jessica jumped from her bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen, still naked and dripping her father’s seed deposited inside her from the. Her fingers undoing buttons under the cover of his tie as she sought to touch his naked skin. He started to move her towards the outside door but she pushed him deeper into the shadows, her hands striving to undo the clasp of his pants while she encouraged his hand to slide up under her dress. He took her lead, his hand tracing the muscle up the inside of her leg to find her pussy bald and naked and wet and as he ran a finger over her clit, he found she was ready, the breath whooshing out of. This happened 1 year back. my sister had well shaped body of 34 26 36, any men would like to have her. till this incident our relation was normal. me and my younger sister were close but my elder sister is not so close to me but we have a plain brother and sister relation ship.One day my sister had to go to our native place as one of her friend is getting married my dad did not allow her to go alone so am asked to accompny her. we booked bustickets from hyderabad to nellore which is 9 hours. “During, right before I got off too, he hella made me lose focus,” I told her. “That’s fucked up. I’d have kicked his ass,” she said slamming her fist into her palm. “Vincent was about to, but I thought, fuck it, and just started riding Vincent’s cock again,” I said with a smile. “Vincent was cool with that?” she asked. “You think he was gonna stop me fucking him?” I said nodding my head. “Good point, what did the guy do?” she asked. “At first he just stared and smiled. Once I made solid.

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