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He went down the hall into the bedroom. They emerged together. She was beautiful. Cute as a button. Her name was Darlene. Short auburn hair. 62 years ...ld. 5'1" about 200#. I almost fainted. She was wearing a fuzzy black robe. I rose off the couch to meet her. We shook hands, which was akward. Ron said "give her a kiss". I did. She was so soft. They both undressed me and fondeled me. I was rock hard and breathing heavy. Darlene took my hand and lead me through the kitchen out to the back yard.. I nodded my head as yes and then he asked if had sex with him. I felt very shy and giggle, I told how can you ask such questions to his daughter. He said that is the guilty emotions you should not be having and which is very dangerous, tell me are you a virgin.I shook my head as no. He said. Good that my daughter and he never expected her to be virgin with such beautiful face and killing body shape and structure. We both laughed for some time and I was feeling very happy and light-headed after. As my organ briefly left her before raking deep down again, her asshole winked at me, the candlelight lighting it but briefly as then her now oily, slippery anal passage was filled again. My hand clutched for the riding crop, and now with each stroke of my member, it gave a sharp slap on one cheek and then the other. Even in the flickering light, the welts that arose on her pale bottom showed pink and red, criss-crossed with each slash of the whip. Her body gripped me tighter with each stroke,. She tells Mitch to follow her. Brenda places her right hand on his cock and leads him back inside and upstairs to the bedroom by the dick.Now in the bedroom, Brenda instructs Mitch to lie down on the bed. Mitch gleefully obliges with the cougar's request. Brenda crawls onto the bed, between Mitch's legs, and starts to lick the tip of the cockhead. The young man begins to flinch. Brenda starts to stroke the head before leaning in to suck it for the first time. Mitch's eyes roll back to the back.

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